(Hint - it's YOU!)

Photography came to me at a time of my life when I had little direction. When my soul was seeking a way to express itself. Photography was like a gift dropped in my lap from destiny.

A gift that I didn't see until I was sitting a drab go nowhere desk job and I began wondering what the hell I was doing with my life. I wasn't giving back to society, I wasn't  helping my community, and I definitely wasn't using my superpowers. I realized that the only time I was happy at work was when I was connecting with another human being. When I felt like I had made an impact on their day. Whether it was helping them solve a problem, or just be the friendly voice on the other end of the phone. I felt good when I made other people feel good. 

Unlike a lot of photographers, I didn't grow up with a camera in my hands. For a long time I felt like a poser. Like I didn't belong in the world of professional photographers who had decades more experience than I did. I struggled with my "Why". I loved creating beautiful images and stories from a wedding day, that much was clear, but that wasn't enough and my heart kept searching for the reason. 

Then one night on my drive back from a wedding with a huge inexpugnable smile on my face -  it hit me. It wasn't about photography at all, it was about the human element. When I left a wedding, I felt like I had made an impact. That I had given all of my best self to the couple that day. That I had utilized all of my "superpowers". That's when my soul radiated and that's when I was my most happy. 

So what's my why? It's YOU! It's your family, it's your friends. It's the genuine connection I love to make with every couple. It's doing everything in my power to make sure that your wedding day is amazing. 

I'm flattered you want to read more about little old me! My name is pronounced 'So-Lay' and it means "The Sun" in French. A LOT of people call me 'Sunny'. I'm a Colorado native... I know, I'm a unicorn! I grew up in the Denver metro area and attended college at Colorado State University where I majored in preforming arts and met my soulmate and partner in this crazy thing we call life. I found photography after graduation and while I was working as an administrative assistant for a local studio. After shooting weddings for four years while also holding a full-time job, I took a leap of faith in 2015 to focus solely on my photography. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! 

When I'm not out photographing the best couples in Colorado: I'm chasing around my wild toddler, watching all things motorcycle racing husband or snuggling up with one of my fur-babies made up of two border collies and three cats (yes, we have a small petting zoo!).

- I love 60's music!
- I never miss an episode of 'The Price is Right'. It's on my bucket list to go...
- I love playing Mario games. I can kick my husbands butt at Super Mario 3! 
- I'm a Rock N' Roll girl at heart with an inner nerd who frequently makes an appearance
- The "Cupid Shuffle" gets stuck in my head more often then I'd like to admit...
- My husband tells me I would put blue cheese on cereal if I didn't think he would judge me..... he's right. 
- I'm totally that annoying person who says hi to every dog she sees
- I apologize to inanimate objects when I run in to them
- I can't dance, but I LOVE to dance! 


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