Small Wedding in Breckenridge

Crystal and Albert had a gorgeous small wedding in Breckenridge at a private home.

Summers in Colorado are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. In Denver it’s pretty normal to have a day start out sunny, have rain in the afternoon, and then it heats back up before the sun goes down. You get the best of everything summer has to offer! But in the mountains, all bets are off! On this August day, low hanging clouds coated the already green forest floors and branches (a good summer soaking that is very welcome around here!). Crystal and Albert had originally planned for an indoor ceremony, but Colorado had other plans. Since it was a small gathering of close family and friends, it wasn’t a problem to move everything indoors!

As Crystal and Albert stood in front of the floor to ceiling doors, the clouds outside parted and the sun began to dry the steeped ground. As if mother nature had a say in it all, we had perfect portrait weather! Gorgeous puffy clouds almost hung on the blue and purple mountain majesties. The sun shined down and lit the green green grass. All elements combined made for some truly eye-popping wedding photos!

After the ceremony, Crystal and Albert invited their guests to the *best* vegan pizza restaurant in Breckenridge, Piante Pizzeria.

Oh. My. Belly. I could eat this pizza all day long – breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second dinner! If you are ever in Breckenridge and have a hankering for some amazing vegan pizza, GO! I promise it will not disappoint!

After many laughs, beers, and cheers later: Crystal and Albert headed out for a an early evening on the town, but not before posing will all of their leftover pizza!

I hope you enjoy these amazing captures from Crystal and Albert’s small wedding in Breckenridge!

Ceremony Site: private home

Reception: Piante Pizzeria –

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