Spring Engagement Photos

Cate suggested deKoevend Park in Centennial, Colorado for their spring engagement photos. I’d had never been there before, but I trusted Cate and my skillllllllzzzzz to create beauty anywhere! Since Cate and Dawei live in Boston and between school and work, a trip out to Colorado for their engagement session wasn’t possible. BUT, I convinced them to meet up with me a few days before their wedding at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. I knew that even 30 minutes of photos would help us get to know each other and have an even better time on their wedding day!

It had already been raining for days before the session. Everything was soaked through and muddy. But we still had a great time in the rain (and a little snow too!). We took photos for about 40 mins before I sent them off to get ready for their wedding day. It was a short session, but we still got lots of amazing photos and got to know each other as well!

Their wedding blog is up next 🙂 so stayed tuned for that!

With love,



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