Wedding at Haystack Hearth

“Attention passengers, United flight 358 to New York is now boarding.” Those are the words that both Beth and Rob heard before boarding what would be a life-changing flight. As they each sat in their assigned seats, 24E and 24F, they had no idea they were about to meet their soulmate. After the roughly three and a half hour flight, they exchanged numbers and said goodbye for the first (and last) time. They met up for their first date in Washington DC a few days later. The rest? Well, the rest is the culmination of their wedding at Haystack Hearth.

Surrounded by their family and friends, Beth and Rob said “I Do” on a rainy June day. We were all worried about it being cold, but the warmth and love surrounding these two made all of those fears go away! With all the rain came lush green gardens and the most beautiful day for taking photos. We kept things laid-back and relaxed, just like Rob and Beth.

Their focus was on the special people they invited to share the day with them and boy did it show! During the ceremony, all the guests stood around Beth and Rob, supporting them in their marriage. It was short, sweet and oh so perfect for these two awesome humans who never believed in love until they found each other. They partied the night away dancing and singing with all of their friends and family in tow.

Their wedding at Haystack Hearth was a truly romantic day filled with so much love! Thank you to Beth and Rob for having me be a part of your big day <3

With love,

Venue – Haystack Hearth:
Catering – Rocky Mountain Cheesery:
Photography – Swing Photo Colorado:

wedding at haystack hearth
wedding at haystack hearth
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wedding photo at Haystack Hearth
wedding photos at haystack hearth
wedding at Haystack Hearth
wedding at Haystack Hearth
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wedding photos at Haystack Hearth


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