Wedding at Willow Ridge Manor

Small Monday wedding at Willow Ridge Manor in Morrison, CO.

Andrea and Craig are a fun-loving couple who had a dance filled weekday wedding at Willow Ridge Manor. These two love being together and it shows! They laughed throughout the day, taking in each moment they had with their out of town guests. The venue was beautiful, intimate, and pressed up against the Morrison hogback near Red Rocks. *(In geology and geomorphology, a hogback (or hog’s back) is a long narrow ridge or series of hills with a narrow crest and steep slopes of nearly equal inclination on both flanks. – Wikipedia). 

When I met Andrea and Craig I was deep into my “indulging in beer” phase.

We met at a brewery and instantly hit it off (over a couple of beers of course!). We had beers at their final meeting and we toasted on their wedding day. It was fun drinking beers with these two – I had a great time, every time!

If you’ve ever been to Colorado, you know we have plenty of good beer here. A good Colorado beer is one of my favorite things, which is why is was really hard to quit drinking. I’ve been sober now for 4.5 months, and before you get the wrong impression – no, I did not have an alcohol problem. It was more like alcohol had a problem with me. It didn’t matter how little or what I drank. I wasn’t sleeping well, my skin was breaking out like crazy, and not to mention the beer belly.

After a summer and winter of drinking, my body said NO MORE! My husband and I stopped drinking in March (with me having one day off when I was stuck in the airport during a blizzard and it was totally worth it!). Ever since quitting I’m sleeping well, my skin has cleared up, and I am happy to report the beer belly is gone. While I miss the taste of a good brew and enjoying them with awesome couples, I know that by continuing my hiatus I will keep being healthy, which will help me provide a better service to you, my client. And in the end, that’s what we both deserve 🙂

I hope you enjoy these images from Andrea and Craig’s wedding at Willow Ridge Manor. And if you’re a beer drinker, drink one for me!

With love,


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