Anniversary Photos

It’s every photographer’s hope – that a client you previously photographed wants to continue working with you for years to come! Katie and Kyle are one of those couples. I first photographed their wedding in 2016 and I have photographed them twice since for anniversary photos. I love seeing them every year and I really cherish our relationship.

So when I heard that Katie had booked someone else for her maternity pictures, I was heartbroken. (Selfishly, yes, but heartbroken). I hadn’t communicated effectively enough with Katie and Kyle for them to know that I also offered maternity and lifestyle newborn sessions. I let myself down. It was totally my fault. I dropped the ball.

But that’s what being a business owner is sometimes. You have to learn hard lessons and occasionally that means making changes to your entire business model. If you missed my post from a few days ago about expanding my services, you can check it out here:

And while I’m over here making some big changes, you can check out Katie and Kyles 2nd year anniversary photos 🙂

With love,


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